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MOBILE: +39 3492307660

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Vittore Buzzi Photographer is a small photo agency based in Milano Italy. Vittore is an editorial and commercial photographer. In this photo agency you can buy editorial pictures and prints. Vittore is used to travel in Africa, Asia, Europe and America shooting a great variety of subjects. I likes to prepare little projects of 20 / 40 pictures. He really likes street photography.

He travel across a lot of country, and in this photo agency you can find picture of: Italy, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry, Mali, Ethiopia, India, Bhutan,Myanmar,Mongolia Europe. 

Vittore Buzzi won a lot of prizes during his life. In 2013 he won the World Press Photo 3rd Prize in Sport Stories

Photographer Photojournalist

Vittore Buzzi Photographer.

MOBILE: +39 3492307660

I was born in 1968 in Milan Italy.
This is my Photo agency (Agenzia Fotografica) site.
I studied photography and I also graduated in Business and Economics. I won national and international awards in editorial, artistic and wedding photography.
I travel a lot across Africa and Italy covering general issue and also specific stories. I really like to document social issues.
As photographer I'm curious and polite, I like to speak with my pictures.
I'm focused on the life of common (and extraordinary) people.

I live to shoot pictures and I shoot pictures to live, I'm only a photographer.

In this photo agency (agenzia fotografica) you also will find picture of one of my partners photographers.
Here you can buy editorial pictures but also some fine art prints from our works.

I also work as commercial photographer in Italy and abroad.

I have a rich net of partners and photo acencies to produce and realize editorial and commercial shooting worldwide.
Here if you are looking for an Italy Photo Agency or for features stories about Italy and world wide.
Remeber that as photo agency we work in Italy and abroad for commercial and editorial assignements.
Here you can find some fresh pictures submitted daily:
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MOBILE: +39 3492307660

Here my wedding work: